More war stories from Jay Allan, this time in a new series!

Written by
Jay Allan in 2016

I was first introduced to Jay Allan’s writings with the Far Stars trilogy, which was a blast. Literally. In fact, there were so, so many blasts in that series I think I’m still reeling from them. Anyway, Allan returns with his newest series, entitled Blood on the Stars, which as you can guess is another military science fiction drama tale.

The book sets the scene by introducing a triumvirate of human powers. The Confederation is loosely based on a modern democratic society with all its good and bad aspects. The Alliance is a war based society, similar to Sparta but with spaceships and guns, and the Union is a despotic dystopia that reminds me of the society in Nineteen Eighty Four. But without anybody named Winston in it.

Basically, the series will be about a huge conflict between the three powers, stemming from the natural tendency for humans to kill each other pointlessly and exploit resources.

The plot for the book itself is pretty simple. The Conferderation is under siege from the Union, and the Union has tried to rope in the third and youngest of the powers into a war as well, in a manner that would subjugate the Confederation.

Basically, this entire story focuses on the crews of two opposing starships having a giant battle in space. It’s nothing if not entertaining, though the earlier parts of the book, in which the build up happens, is a merry go round of characters and introductions. If you don’t pay proper attention, then you might get a bit lost.

If you’re looking for some straight military science fiction, look no further than Duel in the Dark. It’s not perfect, but it’s enjoyable enough.  



Nice action, not much of a plot.

Read this if you…

Enjoy lazor duels in space. Just without a light and dark side.

Skip this if you…

Are looking for something contemplative.


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