A rant against Asus

Asus might well be one of the biggest and most recognised brands in the personal computing industry, but I’m starting to question just why they are. You’re wondering why this rant is here? Read on.

There’s no denying that Asus tends to make some pretty good stuff. But as I’ve been discovering lately, there are lots and lots of bad stories about their aftersales support, namely that it doesn’t seem to exist. I chose not the believe those tales. After all, how bad could it be?

Well, it can get pretty bad. Enter, my old graphics card, an Asus R9 290 factory overclocked beast.

It was dying. Slowly, and then it really fell off a cliff in October. Since it was still within the warranty, I brought it back to the place of purchase, which happened to be Scorptec computers. The guys there were pretty cool about it, tested my card and replicated the issue.

No big deal right? Off it went, back to Asus. A week later, my card had returned. Apparently it was the same card, and it seemed that they’d “fixed it” by replacing the heatsink and fan assembly, plus added some additional structural reinforcement. I was sceptical, but optimistic.

Nothing had been fixed. In fact, it was worse than it was previously. I took it back to the shop the next day, and the techs there replicated the issues yet again.

Off it went, back to Asus.

I waited two weeks. No word. I prompted the shop to see what was going on. Apparently, the card was on its way back. I was cautiously optimistic that Asus might actually have paid attention to the problems and replaced it.

No. Freaking. Dice. Asus hadn’t done anything in two weeks. How do I know this? Scorptec simply stuck the GPU in a test bench and nothing changed. The thing was still FUBAR.

So the moral of the story? Buy Asus, but buy from them knowing that their after sales service is as woeful as the stories out there. The fact that they just didn’t care about a failure of their product spoke volumes, because now the issue had to be dealt with by the store. I feel sorry for the retailer. I as the customer was refunded, and that was fine, because I went and used the credit on another product.

But Asus just lost my custom for the rest of time. Oh well, there are plenty of other manufacturers out there vying for my hard earned. Asus might make products with high initial quality, but boy do they screw you if something goes wrong.


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