Well, that was a bit anticlimatic…

Written by
Claire North in 2016

Claire North writes about some pretty damn interesting ideas, reincarnation, body stealing and even being completely forgettable. Sounds a lot like that guy you met at that party who you decided you wouldn’t want to invite over for dinner. Or pretty much everything about The OC.

The premise of the book is simple. Hope Arden is a young woman who everybody forgets, including actions, face, voice. Everything. Her parents, the police, everybody. This makes her extremely lonely, but an exceptionally good thief. That’s her chosen profession now, given it’s pretty hard to actually get into anything else.

She’s in the middle of a heist, a plan to steal two million dollars worth of jewellery from some rich people. Partly because she could offload them for a lot of money and partly because she’s angry that nobody seems to care that a woman she cared about committed suicide.

Despite the successful heist, Hope finds herself embroiled in a shell game between the Prometheus Corporation and a former spy going by the internet name Byron14. Prometheus is out to promote and sell its latest and greatest, an all intrusive app called Perfection, which aims to help people become better than themselves. Byron14 is out to destroy it, because of what it can do to people.

As the story goes on, we learn more about Perfection, its creators, its methods and its ultimate endgame. In many respects, the book is a warning for all the tech obsessed young’uns out there who don’t have a problem with spilling their lives out on to the internet. The book also questions perfection as a concept. Who are we to judge what that word even means?

I enjoyed this book, except I thought the ending wasn’t anywhere near exciting. I get why it ended the way it did, but the events are so anticlimatic and doesn’t even delve into the true consequences of previous actions. It’s probably a nitpick in this case, but I do wish there was some proper closure about this story.

If you enjoyed Claire North’s other wacky adventures, I think you’ll definitely enjoy this book. It’s not as good as The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, but then again, that’s such a fantastic tale I doubt it can be topped easily.


Good, but doesn’t quite reach the heights of First Fifteen Lives of Harry August.

Read this if you…

Like running and hitting Ctrl+Z repeatedly in all situations.

Skip this if you…

Prefer to be memorable.


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