The adventure continues, with some interesting diversions.

Written by
Jennifer Foehner Wells in 2016

Remember when you were young and you read The Hobbit? Then, when you got a bit older and you found out there was a sequel with broadly the same characters? Well, you jumped on board, started reading Fellowship and you thought: “what the hell is this?” Well, Remanence is a bit like that.

After the somewhat interesting finish to Fluency, in which Jane Holloway acquires an alien starship, a giant octopus and a sweary engineer boyfriend, she begins an interstellar journey to…return said ship. I know that the principle of lost and found is ingrained in our society, but do aliens have the same moral standards?

Anyway, the crew gets in trouble immediately. And mostly because they decided to pay a visit to an alien moon with a manually flown shuttle that nobody had flown in atmosphere before. Aircraft, meet land. Hard.

Anyway, the alien sectilians come and rescue them, though the rescue isn’t exactly on friendly terms, and it takes a while for friendlier aliens to show up. Meanwhile, Ei’Brai begins to go through something of a mid (quarter? no idea how long he lives) life crisis on account of unintended consequences of the first book.

I suppose I shouldn’t criticize the speed of this tale. After all, the second book in a series should focus more on characters and continue to build the universe in which the story takes place. And the universe in this book certainly deserves time in the sun. It’s rich, has what should be a lot of history and characters, and would be an interesting place to live.

But I can say that despite the slow start, the end of the novel is full of excitement, which makes me think that the third book could well be quite exciting, whenever that breaks cover. It builds enough intrigue and hope against the bad guys that you can expect the humans will punch above their weight somehow and win. Should be something to look out for in the future.


For some reason, this took a long time to get going.

Read this if you…

Support land rights for lonely squids.

Skip this if you…

Octopus love.


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