A mysterious and great beginning leads to a run of the mill space adventure.

Written by
Jennifer Foehner Wells in 2014

I was told at a young age not to judge a book by its cover. Certainly, the case is true for many of the Star Wars expanded universe novels that were published before A New Hope II The Force Awakens. I think the warning should certainly be extended towards a book’s blurb as well.

The reason? Fluency. Not that this is a bad story by any means of the word. Certainly, I couldn’t do better. What starts off as a pretty decent mysterious story ends up being a generic space adventure filled with aliens, alien words and more aliens.

Essentially, the story begins with the successful arrival of a space capsule full of Americans to investigate a derelict ship that’s been sitting in the Asteroid Belt for decades. They’d have gone sooner, but technology and money, etc.

When the intrepid adventurers board the mysterious vessel, they’re greeted by nothing. Which is to say that the ship is pretty much devoid of life, apart from a species of acidic neurotoxin secreting space slugs which are not even in their final form. Oh and a giant telepathic space squid.

Anyway, the book also meanders towards a rich and reasonably well fleshed out universe, but there’s a massive info dump in the middle of it, full of aliens words, terms and names that it becomes overwhelming (I suppose that’s the point) and detracts from an otherwise well paced story.

While I mostly enjoyed the book, don’t take the blurb and think this is going to be some sort of wonderfully weird space mystery. It’s not that, and it quickly becomes apparent that you’re in for a good ride. I just wish the book had gone down the mysterious abandoned ship like that old movie Event Horizon. Just without the silly ending.


I have to admit I expected better, but was reasonably satisfied with what I got.

Read this if you…

Enjoy a ye olde space adventure with a dollop of romance.

Skip this if you…

Don’t like sweary engineers.


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