Everything is incompetent!

Written by
Joe Zieja in 2016

Normally, you’d be hard pressed to find comedic science fiction, especially published in 2016. What with all the Red Risings and other dystopian action thrillers floating around, some tickling of the funnybones is needed. I mean it, after reading something with as high a body count as Morning Star, Joe Zieja’s tale about Roger Wilson Rogers is a breath of freshness.

Roger Wilson Rogers is a smuggler. On one of his outlandish get rich quick schemes aboard his ship the aptly named Awesome, everything goes to hell and he lands back in the Navy when his other choice is hard labour in a penal colony.

Not fond of responsibility or work, since there’s nothing to do in the military, he finds things have changed. There’s actually some kind of discipline, except it’s all wrong. Rogers even finds himself with a new role as an officer!

As with any military comedy, this all ends up in Shit Creek without even a proverbial shuttle. Rogers becomes a hero through sheer force of bad luck and stupidity against the forces of even more moronic stupidity, robots and many other unmentionables.

I must admit, it takes a while for Mechanical Failure to get into its stride, but once it does, you’ll be laughing your head off on a plane (like I was) because some of the situations are so ludicrous, yet strangely familiar. Those are the best kinds of comedic solutions.

Once you’ve gotten past the slightly silly start of Mechanical Failure, you’ll dive headfirst into the fully silly middle and end of the book. It’s a tale about misadventure and accidental heroism, plus a lot of robots and good jokes. If you need a comedy fix, find yourself on a collision course with this title.


Funny, goofy and downright stupid, it’s exactly the kind of thing you need after reading something serious.

Read this if you…

Haven’t read anything satirical for a while.

Skip this if you…

Are after award winning writing. Try The Three Body Problem.


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