This trilogy has evolved into a giant civil war in space. And it’s so awesome.

Written by
Pierce Brown in 2016

You know when you were reading The Fellowship of the Ring that this slow and steady buildup was all for the good stuff that happens in Return of the King. Well the Red Rising trilogy is not quite at the same pace. But the frenetic nature of this book makes the first two books feel like you were having a leisurely stroll on a beach somewhere. And it’s oh-so-worth-it.

At the end of Golden Son, Darrow gets (spoiler alert!) captured by the dastardly Jackal, his rival in the Institute and jealous sociopath twin to his new love Mustang. In fact, he’s been in a sensory deprivation tank for a long time as punishment from the Jackal. But once he breaks out, all hell breaks loose.

Darrow begins the true end game. Civil war against the society, the bottom castes against the top, and he has help in the form of pretty much everybody in the solar system to try and build something new, something better. It’s a hell of a fight. More audacious moves, more tragic loss. It’s classic Pierce Brown, twists and turns everywhere. And I nearly threw my Kindle out of the house when a certain event happened. Fark that was cold.

Pierce, don’t do that to me again.

Morning Star is the culmination of Darrow’s journey from naive and downtrodden Red to a true conqueror. Along the way, he’s made friends, turned some into enemies, found and lost love and become his own legend. It’s such a compelling read. And you know what? I’m so glad there’s more to come from Pierce Brown in this universe. Iron Gold launches next year! It’s just not soon enough.

I think I’m about to fangirl the frack out of the upcoming series.

Right, so Morning Star. It’s the end of the trilogy we all deserve, and then some. It’s the sign of a good book that you’ll mourn the fact you’ve finished it. Throughout its pages, you’ll cheer, you’ll laugh and you’ll even cry when it’s all over. The story ends with hope, but a realistic hope, that it will get better, but only if everybody works towards a better future and is willing to sacrifice for each other. Pierce Brown, I salute you, because your books are awesome.


So good. It’s like you’ve found a magical pizza recipe that’s both healthy AND includes bacon. Literally couldn’t put this down.

Read this if you…

Want excitement in your life.

Skip this if you…

Aren’t into change. At all.


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