This book is basically The Hunger Games crossed with Gattaca

Written by
Pierce Brown in 2014

I’ve been reading on the interwebs that The Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown was really good. And I said to myself, look this is the interwebs, don’t believe everything people on it are saying. I mean, just look at all the hype machines that build up about various products. Like AMD graphics cards. Or No Man’s Sky. Just chill man, and buy the entire trilogy before even reading the first damn book.

Do I regret this? No. Not for a gorydamned moment. You pixies.

Darrow is a teenaged miner in the caves of Mars. His goal is to mine as much helium-3 as possible and provide for his family and clan. They’re a happy lot, but they live short lives. His father rebelled against their working conditions and was hanged for it. His wife Eo is the spirited rebel, and martyrs herself for the welfare of not just Darrow, but the entire clan. She wants a better life for everybody.

Darrow is then taken away from the mines of Mars by the Sons of Ares, a rebel-slash-terrorist group who want to bring down the entire colour coded caste system that’s been running for hundreds of years from the inside. They’ve just never found anybody who could do it, until now.

If you’ve ever asked yourself whether the end justifies the means, then  Darrow’s personal mission to blow The Society to smithereens is a perfect example. He knows that to make Eo’s dream come true, he’ll have to ask others to sacrifice their lives for him. And he’ll kill people who have trusted him, betray his friends and figuratively sleep with the enemy. Will Darrow even remember who he is any more? Will he care?

So pick up this book and know that it is good. Know that Red Rising is a bloody enjoyable read that’ll make you sad, angry and triumphant at the same time. And know that once you’ve finished, you’ll not resist the urge to pick up its sequel immediately.


Well, here’s my new favourite rebel against the system series.

Read this if you…

Enjoyed The Hunger Games but thought it needed a lot more space travel in it.

Skip this if you…

Prefer your Hunger Games firmly rooted to the planet Earth.


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