Eighteen quadrillion f*cking planets (18,000,000,000,000,000,000) and no place to call home. Sad face.


Ok, so No Man’s Sky is finally out on PC. Aaand it’s a damn console port, despite the fact this is exactly the sort of game that actually belongs on PCMasterRace. But whatever, it’s still a sweet…well game probably isn’t the right word for it. Lifestyle choice? No, sounds too Tony Abbott. Hobby? Career?

Whatever, I don’t care. I get to explore a universe of near infinite possibilities at my own pace and in my own time. I also get to give rude names to planets like I.C. Wiener and other people will go there and wonder why.

You wake up next to your crashed ship, learn about finding resources to fix her up, and basically everything from there on in is up to you. Are you an explorer who just wants to chill? Are you a min-maxer who wants to upgrade your ships and bits to their best? Do you want to get to the centre of the galaxy? No matter what, you’ll find something to do.

However, as beautiful as the lush planets are, the game is simply a foundation, and doesn’t quite feel fully fleshed out. The mechanics are really quite repetitive. Mine some minerals. Fuel your starship. Build upgrades. Find new starship. Rinse, repeat, etc. Which leads me to the things this game needs to be complete.

  • A waypoint system for places you want to go back to!
  • Planetary maps with waypoints
  • A home carrier type thing that you can remodel or store shitloads of plutonium. Plutonium is life, ironically
  • Moar aliens
  • Towns and cities
  • A way to modify your spaceship’s looks

But what can I say? I love these chilled out, space exploration games. The current state of the game, notwithstanding the PC launch, which apparently caused a lot of problems for people, is a solid enough foundation upon which updates and features can be added. I hope the technical issues are patched up soon, and the team at Hello Games can get on with building more things to do!


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