Deviana continues to kill her way across the universe. Oh, and she saves it too. Sometimes, you have to kill to preserve. Or something.

Written by
Rachel Bach in 2014

I love a good action series. There’s just something about dumb action blockbusting that allows the soul to go to another place, away from the stresses of normal, every day life. The Paradox series starts off like that, and mostly ends up like that too. But there’s a large elephant in those pages.

Deviana Morris continues to find out more and more about the phantom menace (hah!) to the universe in the form of glowing bugs and monsters of various sizes. Also, she’d carrying a deadly aliens virus that somehow magically responds to her rage. Convenient.

In the meantime, she’s also out to help Maat die, a woman who’s been kept prisoner against her will, slowly going mad, in the fight against the phantom monsters haunting the universe. Not only that, she wants to make sure that the girls who Maat controls are released from their bonds.

All the action scenes and the general story line are fine. The only problem with this book has to do with the romance storyline. It wasn’t that prevalent back in the second book, and it was hardly mentioned in the first. But boy does it hit hard here. Twatlight in space with a slightly less useless female lead character is what this devolves into. Can somebody please explain why a half man, half lizard supersoldier that can kill you in your sleep is in any way attractive?

Heaven’s Queen should receive top marks for the action, the story and the strong female lead character. It should also receive a lump of coal for Christmas for the dumb romance plot. Because when you find out the person you’re in love with can kill you in your sleep on a whim, you ought to run far, far away.


Would have been an awesome finish, were it not for the stupid romance bits.

Read this if you…

Are into men who are not quite men.

Skip this if you…

Are not into derivative Twatlight romance stories.


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