Devi blasts her way across the universe with conflicted feelings about a hot mutant dude.

Written by
Rachel Bach in 2014

Following the surprisingly fun and enjoyable Fortune’s Pawn, in which Deviana Morris hitches on to the Glorious Fool and its motley crew of humans and aliens, I decided that I’d go and finish the rest of the series. This proved to be a decent decision.

Deviana realises she remembers nothing of a previous mission, though she puts her amnesia down to simple head trauma. Except that she also can’t seem to remember who the Glorious Fool’s cook is, or why she feels ill every time she sees him.

Those are minor problems, because the Glorious Fool and its crew keeps running into big problems. Like being chased across the galaxy by aliens hell bent on their destruction. And then there’s an even more personal one, where she seems little phantom bugs crawling about all over the place. Mystery upon mystery. The only problem is, Devi can’t shoot her way out of these problems.

In the main, the first book was a great set up. New universe, great aliens, mysterious forces at play. And in its centre, Deviana Morris, a strong female character who enjoyed blowing things up more than a college full of pyromaniacs. Honor’s Knight continues on the shooting rampage, as Devi rescues herself and her shipmates on multiple occasions with well placed gunfire.

This is a book where the action never stops to rest, and the mystery begins, finally, to reveal itself. Of course, this doesn’t mean the universe building has been neglected. On the contrary, we see more Xith’cal, more alien squids and the mystery about phantom bugs pile on even further. I suspect that the trilogy’s Big Bad Threat to the Universe is going to be quite an interesting one, with an equally interesting resolution.

I enjoyed Honor’s Knight. The book takes the ball from Fortune’s Pawn and runs with it. I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece, but it is definitely the kind of dumb sci-fi action flick that one settles down to on a cold and wet weekend.


Enjoyable to a T.

Read this if you…

Are a Mythbuster type who enjoys literary destruction.

Skip this if you…

Are looking for a traditional English romance.


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