Female action hero soldier type runs around killing many things.

Written by
Rachel Bach in 2013

There aren’t many books with female action heroes. And no, Twatlight doesn’t count. So it’s kind of refreshing to find a book that’s written from the point of view of a female action hero. Deviana Morris is a Paradoxian, which means she’s been taught from a young age that war is good and peace is not.

Deviana is ambitious. She wants to join the elite of the elite, a group known as the Devastators, who are the top of the line personal guard of the Paradoxian King. However, it’s not an easy path, and so her friend points her in the direction of a freighter named the Glorious Fool, which seems to have a high staff turnover rate, especially for security officers.

Seeing this as the opportunity of a lifetime to jump ahead of the curve, Deviana joins the motley crew of the Glorious Fool and dives headfirst into all sorts of trouble. And mostly because for a freighter, the Glorious Fool doesn’t seem to do much trading or freighting. Instead, mysterious things begin to happen on one of her first missions.

Fortune’s Pawn isn’t what you’d call high brow science fiction. It’s pretty much all action and gung-ho character types, with a dollop of feminine fantasy about attractive guys. But the action is fun. After all, how could you not when the story focuses on people in powered armour take on the universe and assorted aliens?

Many of the book’s the characters formulaic too, with your macho action man characters, grizzly captain, strange aliens and mysteriously handsome love interests. But I don’t care. It’s a fun read, in the same way that a snowball fight is formulaic but still fun.

Formulaic doesn’t mean it’s bad. If following a tried and true formula was bad, the James Bond movies wouldn’t still exist. And so it is with books like Fortune’s Pawn. It’s not high brow and it’s not going to keep you awake at night asking the tough questions about transhumanism. But it will keep you engaged in the action and story.


Much action. So enjoyable. A guilty pleasure.

Read this if you…

Have just come off a heavy and solid book and need something that is as complicated as a unicycle.

Skip this if you…

Like lizards.


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