Isaac levels up. +6 to magic. F*ck yeah!

Written by
Jim C. Hines in 2016

So we finally come to the last book of the series. And what a ride it’s been so far. Isaac’s gotten laid, gained magical abilities, lost them and regained them again. He’s fought vampires, monsters and magically imprisoned sociopaths. But Revisionary has him fighting the most dangerous opponents of them all: people.

At the end of Unbound, Isaac manages to free himself of Gutenberg’s magical lock on his abilities, but he also gain increased powers. Which is cool, because levelling up your wizard or sorcerer has always been important in these things. Instead of just pulling stuff out of books, he can now see the magic woven on to people as text, which he can actually manipulate. Cool huh?

Meanwhile, Isaac has spent the last year fighting fires, given magic has now officially been revealed to the world. Many people are frightened of course, which leaves world governments scrambling to see what can be done to ensure magic is not used as a weapon against the people. Which is actually precisely what starts to happen, because people just can’t see any other purpose to unpredictable and uncontrollable forces.

Given that the existential magical threat to the world was dealt with in the last book, it becomes obvious that people, who are good at being scared of stuff they don’t understand would rise up and make life hard for all those magically inclined, and Isaac is the only one who’s brave enough to stop them.

This is still a good book, but it’s also the darkest of all the series. Sure, there’s a pretty happy ending, but some of the middle bits aren’t pretty. But it’s written in that style Hines is good at, snappy pace and, more importantly, succinct. Yes, there sometimes needs to be a bit of backgrounding of characters and events, where you could have picked this book up without reading any of the others.

Like all the Magic ex Libris books, this was a really enjoyable read. It’s too bad there aren’t any more of them planned because I’d love to go and have a few more magical adventures with Isaac and company!


Satisfying conclusion to a satisfying series.

Read this if you…

Like your fantasy books geeky.

Skip this if you…

Aren’t into magical beings and spells.


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