Isaac gets fired from the Porters, but still continues to find a way to defeat the devourers.

Written by
Jim C. Hines in 2015

It was building up to this book from the beginning. Our hero, Isaac has been on the trail of the magical threat that was hinted at in Libriomancer. And now, they finally understand it. Or rather, her. The only problem? He can’t magic anymore because Johannes Gutenberg locked away his abilities because he ran the risk of being killed by it. Not ideal.

It turns out the Devourers are the phantasmal zombie army of a very evil and powerful magician named Meridiana, who was imprisoned over a thousand years ago by her father. She’s pissed (understandably) and wants revenge on the whole world. She’s even got the power to wreak the revenge properly too.

The Porters themselves are in disarray, unable to contain the secret of magic any longer, and this divided attention is to the advantage of Meridiana. Well, apart from Isaac, Lena and Smudge of course.

There’s not much to say about this book, because it’s broadly similar to the first two in the series: it’s not serious, quite fun and chock full of action sequences. There’s not much in the way of character development here, since they’re all well established.


As good as the first two books, unless you’re a character development and deep story junkie.


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