Go on one last adventure with Geralt of Rivia in France Toussaint, where fairy tales and knightly honour are the order of the land.


So, this is it. The last bit of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and the last of Geralt’s adventures, official or otherwise. Of all the characters in computer games that I’ve played, Geralt has to be the most nuanced and well written. Ever. You can tell the team at CDProjekt RED really love the books and the characters contained within, because this send off is top quality.

During your adventures in Velen, you’ll come across a new quest in which you’ll meet up with some knights from Toussaint, a very France like region south of where most of the Witcher 3 takes place. A peaceful kingdom full of knights-errant, vineyards and fairy tales, it’s a distinct counterpoint to the burned out and war ravaged Velen-Novigrad area.

Geralt has been called by the Duchess of Toussaint to solve a mysterious series of murders. If you can read into the DLC’s title of Blood and Wine, you can probably guess there are vampires involved. Lots of vampires. You also get to reacquaint yourself with Regis, one of Geralt’s friends and former companions, who happens to be one of the most powerful vampires alive.

Unlike Hearts of Stone, which was set in a slightly expanded Velen-Novigrad map, Blood and Wine places you squarely in the heart of the new Toussaint region. You even get your own vineyard which you can do up to display all your armour and weapons.

As a completely new region, Toussaint is lovely, and not just because it’s untouched by conflict. There are new monsters, challenges and a new Gwent deck as well! Toussaint is not the biggest of the regions, but it’s big enough that you’ll spend a lot of time flitting about doing side quests, bounties and the occasional story mission.

Speaking of the story, I think that it’s the weakest part of the DLC. Which is saying a lot, because this is CDProjekt RED and a “weak” story from these guys is still better than the vast majority of AAA gaming titles. And this is “just” a DLC. The storyline is pretty short, and really, you feel like they guys put their heart and soul into a massive DLC that was simply going to be about fun and not too serious like Hearts of Stone.

Other than that though, there are new game mechanics to make Geralt even more overpowered than ever. There’s grandmaster level witcher gear, dyes for your top level armours and a new mutagen mechanic that grants you one super power. Oh and for all the gwent lovers, there’s also a new Skellige deck (which I haven’t tried).

And so it’s with a wistful smile that we say goodbye to our favourite mutant monster hunter. There have been some great memories along the way, dragons to fight and political intrigue to unwind. If only all game studios and publishers put this much effort into their work. Farewell Geralt, and I write this genuinely with a tear in my eye.


The only bad thing about this DLC is that it’s the last one. But brace yourselves, Gwent is coming!

Play this if you…

Have a hankering for more Wild Hunt.

Skip this if you…

Why? Get this and play, damn it.


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