Isaac gets a promotion and immediately sets out to investigate the murder of a wendigo. Which leads to him saving the world. Again.

Written by
Jim C. Hines in 2013

Following the events of Libriomancer, when Isaac hooks up with a confused dryad and finds out that there are dark magical forces out there trying to get in and kill everyone, his focus has become laser sharp in trying to uncover all the mysteries about this existential threat.

His investigations have led him to investigate the strange killings of wendigos and werewolves in Detroit, normally peaceful creatures that live peacefully with humans. Initially, this seems like a straightforward case of murdered magical creature. It turns into something more sinister, as the legacy of his magical mentor Ray Walker comes back to haunt the Porters.

Even worse, as Isaac uncovers more and more about the mysterious killings and Ray Walker’s legacy, it’s revealed that this is all part of the plan of the Devourers to enter the world of the living. This could only end in a spectacular magical battle.

Codex Born continues in the footsteps of Libriomancer with magical battles, pop culture references and general mayhem. The series continues to be a fun one to read, and I found myself nearing the end in just a few days. The characters are likable for the most part (apart from the bad guys, of course) and the dialogue suitably geeky. The world building also continues apace, though thankfully it doesn’t bog down in the details, which helps maintain the sense of urgency and pace.

If you enjoyed Libriomancer, you would do well to continue through this book. It keeps the tone and character of the first in the series and builds upon it effectively. If this keeps up, the rest of this series won’t last me long either.


Fun, light and very geeky. Enjoyable if you’re right in the target audience.

Read this if you…

Enjoy magical adventures set in the modern world.

Skip this if you…

Are all for complicated plots and twists with turns.


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