Guy who pulls stuff out of books saves the world.

Written by
Jim C. Hines in 2012

Magic fantasy books almost exclusively deal with a period before the modern era or a world that echoes a period in our history. Libriomancer is very different. It deals with the modern world because the powers of a libriomancer come into their prime in the modern world.

Libriomancy is a concept of exploiting the cumulative power of readers’ belief in a story. That might be the reality of vampires or werewolves, sirens or just plain laser guns, the more a book is read, the more powerful the magic you can channel.

Our main character is Isaac Vainio, who leads a double life. In one life, he’s a quiet, geeky librarian who prefers lasers and science fiction to sword and shield fantasies. In his other life, he’s a libriomancer who wields the power of books with great aplomb. Oh, and he was also a member of the Porters, a shadow organisation that controls magic and keeps it a secret from the rest of the world.

Interrupting his quiet and urbane life are a bunch of vampires, including a shining specimen from a certain Stephanie Meyer novel. After the ensuing fight where Isaac is rescued by a dryad, it becomes clear that there are events afoot that could lead to disaster.

Libiromancer is not a heavy tome, rather you’d call this light reading. It’s fun, light and full of pop culture references. Twatlight vampires, laser guns from specific books and even the famous Johannes Gutenberg (he who invented the printing press) is still alive and kicking a lot of arse.

And because it’s liight and fun, you can get through this book really, really quickly. A lot of it has to do with the pacing, which is chock-a-block full of action sequences. Sure, the characters themselves aren’t the deepest, most nuanced ones ever written, but when there’s always some new and inventive way of solving a problem using magic, you won’t notice or care.

If you’re looking for a nice adventure book that involves magic, fantastic creatures and a most unlikely hero, look no further than Libriomancer. Or if you’re after a not too serious book, that hits all your geeky buttons, then this will definitely satisfy.


Fun, light and engaging, a good choice for anybody who’s into sci-fi and fantasy.

Read this if you…

Are looking for a good time.

Skip this if you…

Don’t like vampires.


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