Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne demonstrate that children like adult toys and swearing. Also, parenting is bloody hard.



Seth Rogen as Mac
Rose Byrne as Kelly
Zac Efron as Teddy
Dave Franco as Pete
and Chloe Grace Moretz as Shelby

You know how there are some movies that stand along pretty well without the need for sequels or prequels? I always thought Bad Neighbours was one of those movies. The struggle for peace and quiet in a neighbourhood against a bunch of no good university students now resonate with me. So it was with a dose of skepticism that I went into watching its sequel.

And let me just say, that skepticism was justified at the start. The movie takes a little bit to get going, mainly because the rivalry isn’t there at the beginning. It’s been a few years since Teddy and his pals have left the street, Mac and Kelly have been enjoying the peace and quiet, and their daughter’s been playing with vibrators. Yup. They grow up so fast.

This time around, it’s a sorority that gets in the way of Mac and Kelly. Led by Shelby, played by Chloe Grace Moretz, she’s is exactly how I imagined Hit Girl would grow up. Unsatisfied with the offerings of her original chosen club, Shelby and her friends decide to start their own feminist one. The only problem is they move next to Mac and Kelly.

Of course, the style of comedy in this movie is not everyone’s cup of tea. Or sausage in a bun. It’s very American, and lacks the kind of subtlety that British humour contains. So yes, a four year old girl plays with a vibrator quite happily. There’s lots of swearing in front of the kids, and some admittedly well executed situational humour is sprinkled in there.

I get it, this is an American movie with an American lead comic. Just wish American humour wasn’t so boorish. It’s still enjoyable and funny in many places, and the Sydney gag was pretty damn good. Admittedly, the resolution of the movie itself was a bit too easy and hard to fathom, but then I doubt realism comes into a movie whose sole job is to convey jokes and not the best story ever.

In the end, the movie is a decent (I won’t say spectacular) sequel to Bad Neighbours. It carries on the same jokes, has the same stunts and characters, and over the top sense of American humour. It’s thoroughly enjoyable, and in some cases it’s really clever. But there’s not quite enough for me to say it’s must watch.


Three pink vibrators out of five.

Watch this if you…

Enjoy airbag jumping.

Skip this if you…

Are about to sell your house.


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