Another action packed space adventure. But…er, why is there no air support?

Written by
Jay Allen in 2015

I have to say, the Far Stars trilogy is one of the most fun and entertaining series of books I’ve read in recent times. The main reason is that they’re uncomplicated, and that’s just what I’ve been looking for, an uncomplicated relationship with a story, with no strings attached.

Picking up a few months after the end of Shadow of Empire, book two has Blackhawk and his crew combing the Far Stars sector doing odd jobs once again. At the start, their job is to kidnap an oligarch from a relatively poor planet, only to have heavy imperial weaponry show up during the heist.

Switching to Plan B (which is to say that shit hits the fan), they manage to complete their mission. But the presence of Imperial weaponry and vehicles is a concern, and on their return to Celtibore, Blackhawk immediately sets off to several worlds to find more evidence of meddling by the evil Empire.

Interestingly enough, the characters are still shallow and one dimensional, though there are always hints of Blackhawk’s past, which are not revealed until the end of the book. In the meantime, you keep getting hit in the face with the fact that Blackhawk was some sort of evil genetically modified superhuman. And the rest of the crew have their own unsubtle injections of backstory when you least want to hear about it.

The interesting thing about this entire book though, is that every single battle on the ground is done without air support. Seriously, no air support. Whether this was done by the author because he thought it would complicate things or not, it seems odd given there are heaps of starships orbiting these planets. Maybe something to think about?

Ok, look I get that characters need backstories and it should be peppered throughout the book. It’s just a bit awkward the way it’s done here, maybe it’s just the language used. Thankfully though, it doesn’t dull the enjoyment of the story much, if at all. It’s like discovering that pimply girl with glasses in primary school grew up to be a hot nurse. Or something like that.

Anyway, I digress. I read this book because Shadow of Empire was really entertaining, and as the sequel it continues to entertain. A lot of middle entries in trilogies flounder for some reason, but this one keeps the action and entertainment value high simply because it doesn’t try to do anything too different.


A fun and action packed space adventure. Except there’s no air support, so lots of people on the “good side” die.

Read this if you…

Are keen to continue the series like me.

Skip this if you…

Are a fighter jockey.


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