Kill things, get better stuff. Rinse and repeat.


Some years ago, before I hitching and reproducing, there was this game called Diablo 3. Naturally, as a fan of Blizzard’s back catalogue, especially Starcraft and Diablo 2, I bought this one for the memories. Fast forward to a fortnight post release, and I was playing something else. Anything else.

The reason? Repetition. The game launched with server issues. That’s fine, I can handle server issues, which were fixed up within a few days any way. The main problem with the game was a general lack of content. I mean, yes there were four difficulty levels. But you could only play through the campaign over and over again. Spoiler alert, you kill Diablo at the end and save the world.

Then, there was the stupid auction house, which made an AUD$90 game feel a lot like one of those free to play, pay to win app store things that have grown like weeds on mobile devices. Seriously, Blizzard even took a cut of the selling in real dollars. It made Diablo 3 a joke, and a sad one at that.

It wasn’t surprising then, that I skipped Reaper of Souls, its expansion pack on its release.

However, fatherhood brings its unexpected pleasures, and also limitations. You quickly realise that you can only play games that require one hand. Now, you may say, why pick this game up again? Because if you configure your mouse properly, you only need one hand. Thank you, Razer mouse (not a paid advertisement by the way)!

So I returned to the world of Sanctuary, Prime Evils and Deckard Cain, the seemingly indestructible old guy and Tyrael the angel with awesome wings. And wow, this game is actually good now. Sure, it’s still repetitive, but at least you have the freedom to be repetitive at your own pace. As long as you’ve finished the story, you can go play adventure mode, where all the portals are open, and you can zoom in and out of each zone to take on specific targets or jobs.

Rejoining the fray in the midst of Season Five, I also finished the season journey for a new character, which rewards you with a guaranteed complete set for that character. Because you’re now not forced into going through the campaign (though you can if you so choose), you can take to each task in bite sized chunks, targeting a season objective as you go along. This also means that each task takes twenty minutes of your time, so you can go do something else if it comes up.

I have to say that Diablo 3 finally makes sense now. I always knew that Blizzard had an end goal for the game, but it’s a shame that it took nearly three years for me to find it fun again. To be honest, this is the game that should have been released three years ago. Not the lacklustre title that we actually got.


Well, it’s finally good, and not too repetitive. To get the full experience, Reaper of Souls is a required purchase!

Play this if you…

Don’t mind grinding for legendary lootz and then challenging all the difficulties.

Skip this if you…

Are susceptible to repetitive strain injuries in your wrists.


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