I thought Leviathan Wakes was good, but its live action adaptation is f*cking amazeballs.

Steven Strait as James “Jim” Holden
Thomas Jane as Det. Josephus Miller
Dominique Tipper as Naomi Nagata
Cas Anvar as Alex Kamal
Wes Chatham as Amos Burton
Shohreh Agdashloo as Chrisjen Avasarala
with Florence Faivre as Juliette Andromeda Mao

The Expanse is the live action TV adaptation of the series of books by James S. A. Corey. In its first season, we get the TV version of most of Leviathan Wakes, which has to be the book that took me the shortest time to read in many, many years. Yes, for science fiction nerds who have been missing a decent space opera on TV since Battlestar Galactica, this is the show that rewards you for your patience.

It’s 2200-something, and humanity has spread out into the solar system. Mars, the Moon and the asteroid belt has been colonised. But as time passes, the small differences between people and their interests once again become the focus of conflict. Those who live in the asteroid belt, the Belters are angry that they’re treated as second class citizens by Earth and Mars. But with no military, no government and no money, their only method of resistance is futile.

Against this backdrop, an interplanetary conspiracy is brewing, and the first step is the discovery of a derelict freighter named the Scopuli by the ice mining shit Canterbury. On it are James Holden, Naomi, Amos and Alex of the book series. Meanwhile, Joe Miller, a detective for the Star Helix security firm on Ceres begins to look into the disappearance of one Juliette Andromeda Mao. These two events are the catalysts for great storytelling and even better television.

Look, there’s no way to say this. The Expanse is f*cking awesome. Sure, it doesn’t get the plaudits that Game of Thrones gets because it’s on Syfy and not Home Boobs Office (HBO), and it takes a little while for you to get into the story, should you have skipped reading the books. And there are no gratuitous sex scenes.

But seriously, who gives. Just watch this intro, listen to the music and tell me it doesn’t send shivers down your spine.

This show is properly high budget, it’s realistic in terms of physics (that Donnager fight scene is amazing), the acting and characters are well depicted. In fact, I think I prefer TV-Miller over Book-Miller. The fact it was renewed midway through its first ten episode season means Syfy knows it’s bloody good.

If you like scifi, and you’ve been yearning for good space opera on TV, then this is your new drug. Seriously, go watch this. Read the books at the same time, because they’re absolutely amazing too.


This is a superlative show, and it’s honestly exceeded all my expectations.

Watch this if you…

Want to remember the Cant!

Skip this if you…

Prefer swords and arrows to railguns and missiles.


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