I came for Leo, I stayed for all that beautiful cinematography

Leonardo Di Caprio as Hugh Glass
Tom Hardy as John Fitzgerald
Domhnall Gleeson as Cpt. Andrew Henry
Will Poulter as Jim Bridger
Forrest Goodluck as Hawk
with the American wilderness as its beautiful self

Movies based on “true events” is like saying that you bought your partner an “authentic diamond” in her engagement ring. You know that there’s a lot of the storyline that’s been invented in the script. But there are elements of reality, much like how a synthetic diamond is still made of pure carbon.

Set in the 1800s, The Revenant tells the tale of Hugh Glass, a renowned fur trapper and hunter in north America. After a disastrous pelt hunting trip, in which most of the men are killed by an American Indian tribe, Glass is mauled by a grizzly bear. Though the leader of the trip, Captain Henry is for trying to save Glass, the expedition is down on manpower and resources.

Thinking that Glass will not survive his frankly horrific injuries, Henry instructs two of the remaining party to stay with Glass until his end and give him a proper burial. Unfortunately, Glass is tended to by Fitzgerald, who is basically an arsehole. Trying to get away, he attempts to kill glass, but ends up killing Glass’s son Hawk. He then leaves with Bridger after convincing him the Indians were closing in on them. Meanwhile, Glass doesn’t die and swears bloody revenge against Fitzgerald. Just as soon as he recovers…

The Revenant is first and foremost a stupendously beautiful movie. From the dense forests of northern America, the onset of winter and the sparse landscape in which it’s set, to the music set to the tone of the movie. It’s just brilliantly filmed and is about as good an ad for hiking in north America as you can get.

Of course, it’s also a tremendously sad movie. Glass constantly dreams of his long dead wife, the only thing in the world precious to him is his son Hawk. When Hawk dies, he is added to Glass’s dreams. When you swear bloody revenge on someone, it can drive you to satisfy that thirst, but in the end, it will never bring back what you’ve lost.

All I can say is, you should go and watch The Revenant. It’s got Leo eating raw bison liver, which surely should earn him an Oscar alone. And then there are all the feels. Just a great experience.


If you’re sick of all the holiday action blockbusters, this is definitely the movie to watch.

Watch this if you…

Enjoy a quieter, contemplative experience.

Skip this if you…

Aren’t really into raw bison liver.


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