This movie demonstrates exactly why they should have stopped at the first one

That guy as the dude that is marked
That other guy as another dude that is also marked
That girl who doesn’t survive
That other girl as the sister of the dude that is marked
The girl from that other movie in the series
and That woman from the first one

Sequels are great when you’ve got decades of source material to use as inspiration. Like the Marvel movies, or Star Wars. But when you’re making shit up (quite literally in this case) as you go, the chances of you writing yourself into a corner is quite high.

Actually, that has been proven time and time again. I’ve just realised, as I write this, that the only movie series that gets away with unplanned writing is Fast and Furious. And that’s only because nobody gives a crap about storylines in Fast and Furious.

In fact, this might well be the shortest review I’ll write here. This movie has absolutely nothing to save it from being the pile of crap it is. If you’ve watched every single Paranormal Activity movie, you really ought to think about whether spending money at the cinema to watch security camera footage is something you’d actually be happy doing. It’s not scary. It’s a boring waste of money and time.


Honestly, if they made Paralegal Activity: The Graduate Program, that would have been more interesting than this crap.

Watch this if you…

Have watched every other movie ever made in the history of cinema. That includes those crappy Bollywood romantic dramas.

Skip this if you…

Haven’t watched every other movie ever made in the history of cinema. Seriously, if you want a decent found footage movie, go watch Cloverfield. That was frickin’ awesome.


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