Interstellar crabs are now a thing

S. H. Jucha in 2015

Science fiction in space is awesome. Utopian societies and people who are too damn perfect and nice seem like a good idea, but get pretty tiresome over several hundred books. So, in a way, it’s a good thing that S. H. Jucha’s space opera series The SIlver Ships continues, with a suitably happy ending for its readers.

At the end of Libre, a cliffhanger is presented, where the small fleet led by Alex Racine is seeking assistance from this homeworld. Unfortunately, it’s been taken over by a corrupt politician, who acts very much like He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. Anyway, as is customary for all the problems in this series, they are bulldozed through with goodwill and super powerful artificial intelligences. Still, at least these AIs don’t go all Skynet on the humans.

Anyway, this book ultimately deals with the threat of the silver ships, their eventual defeat, and the fate of Alex Racine and his merry band of followers. I don’t think it takes too much imagination to figure out exactly what happens in the book.

The characters in the book continue to be one dimensional, the New Terrans are all very nice and cooperative, the Meridiens are all nice and happy. Everybody continues to fall in love for no good reason, and everyone worships Alex like he’s some kind of god. Further, the book actually deals with the silver ships quite quickly. The existential threat is over in the first half of the book. The rest of it is just one big epilogue for the characters.

Meridien ends The Silver Ships saga, at least for now. It continues the style seen in the first two books, everyone playing nicely and working together harmoniously. If you’re OK with every single problem being a mere pushover and no concerns about stepping over certain boundaries in the name of convenience, then this is the kind of story that will float your boat.


Another same-same, happy go lucky space adventure!

Read this if you…

Think everybody is good natured and will mesh together like well oil gears.

Skip this if you…

Are actually looking for spectacular space action. Sorry guys, not much of that here. Maybe try Star Wars The Force Awakens?


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