Yes, you too can become the richest man/woman in the Commonwealth

The Commonwealth is a dangerous place. There’s radiation, all sorts mutated animals and raiders. Oh, and strange physics, glitches and teleporting sniper rifle scopes. Seriously, I’ve died because my sniper rifle scope teleported me some hundred metres above the ground. Apparently, nuclear apocalypses can change the laws of physics.

Anyway…your journey in The Commonwealth being fraught with danger means that you’ll need to be well protected. The best protection, apart from a suit of X01 power armour, is a strong offence. To paraphrase Keanu Reeves, this means lots of guns and even more ammo. To get all that weaponry, you’re going to need money, which you can get in a few ways.

Going with pure skills alone

This is the quicket, because what you’re going to need are a particular set of skills. Skills that you must acquire over a long career. Specifically, they are:

  1. Cap collector
  2. Fortune Finder
  3. Scrounger

These skills will next you extra bottlecaps and ammunition, which you can sell for more money. Incidentally, this is also not going to make you all that rich, but you’ll survive all the same.

Selling growable produce

Of course, you’re the General of the Minutemen, and you have a bunch of settlements at your disposal. You can grow a whole variety of vegetables at your settlements and barter for them at merchants. The downside to this, of course is that you are limited to the number of settlers at each location, as they’re only able to tend to six plants at a time.

This limitation means that you’ll be hopping from settlement to settlement, harvesting each plant once you arrive. It’s time consuming, but it can be quite profitable. And you can take it as an opportunity to rally the troops at each settlement.

Purified water

This method requires much less effort, but a lot of materials. As you know, you can build water purifiers in settlements where there is a lot of water. Sanctuary Hills, Taffington Boathouse and the Kingsport Lighthouse are great places for water purifiers. You can stick a whole heap of the big ones in those settlements. The only other caveat is that you’re going to need at least seven points in Intelligence, and the first level of the Science perk.

The trouble is, they need a lot of power. The big ones take five units of power for forty units of water. As long as you have all the requisite materials to build the generators and purifiers, you’re set. The purifiers will automatically send surplus units to each settlement’s workshop storage, where you’ll be able to simply scroll down and collect it.

Voila, fortune made.


Now, I realise that this method won’t be to everybody’s taste. Jet is a kind of addictive in-game drug which slows down time for ten seconds. But you can also make Jet yourself, and offload it to merchants. Despite being a drug, there’s no aversion to trading for it (don’t ask me, this is just how Bethesda made the game), so you can offload a tonne of this stuff and nobody bats an eyelid.

Now, to do this effectively, you’ll need a few things. First, you’ll going to need Local Leader at its highest rank. Local Leader itself requires six points in Charisma, and if you get this, you’ll be able to set up supply routes between settlements and build traders and crafting stations in settlements. The supply lines are key to this working well.

Making Jet itself requires a Chemistry Station, plus Fertilizer and Plastic. Where do you get Fertilizer you ask? Why, if you stick some Brahmin feed troughs in a settlement, those lovely siamese cows will send fertilizer into your Workshop storage. I shit you not (see what I did there?), Jet is made of manure.

If you have all your supply lines set up properly, when you go to craft your next batch of sweet, sweet Jet, you’ll have all of your available resources to make a lot of it. The best part is that you actually get experience points for making this stuff and it sells for twice as much per unit as Purified Water.


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