So many skills, not enough skill points

Fallout 4 is many things. It’s a city builder, first or third person shooter, even a better version of Thief. At its heart though, the game is actually an RPG, and like any good RPG, there are skills. You job is to develop a specific set of skills to ensure not just your survival in the Commonwealth, but also that you can find your son Shaun.

I’m still going through my first playthrough, and given my relative inexperience with Fallout games, I did made some mistakes with my skill points at the start. But, there’s no level cap in the game, so you can, if you are patient enough, correct those mistakes with time.

However, I think there are some skills that are universally useful, no matter what kind of build you’re going for.

Idiot Savant (Requires 5 points in Luck)

Idiot Savant’s great in the early to mid game, because it can randomly give you additional experience for an action (building something, killing something or turning in a mission), which will help you level up quicker. On the first rank, you get three times the experience, then five times the experience at the second rank. The third rank gives additional experience for actions after the effect procs.

If you read the description, it says that this effect procs less at high Intelligence, but that’s baloney. My character has seven points in Intelligence, and it still happens quite regularly. Don’t be afraid to get this perk!

Cap Collector (Requires 1 point in Charisma)

As interesting as wandering the wastes of the Commonwealth is, you can’t do it without adequate protection. And by protection, I mean weapons. This perk allows you to sell items at better prices, and buy items from vendors for cheaper.

This really comes in handy when you decide to sell surplus food or water resources. I like setting up Industrial Water Purifiers at settlements and selling the surplus to vendors in exchange for ammo or whatever.

Local Leader (Requires 6 points in Charisma)

Granted, this perk is more of a convenience thing, but if you’re like me and you like building up settlements, this perk will be useful. The first rank allows you to create supply lines between settlements, which will share resources between sites, allowing you to build things with whatever has been stored in the workshop.

The second rank lets you build shops and crafting stations, useful if you’re going to run around finding all the power armour suits littered throughout the Commonwealth.

Scrounger (Requires 2 points in Luck)

Speaking of ammunition, you’re going to need a lot of it. You can buy the stuff from vendors, which isn’t cheap, or you can find it on your journeys. This is free, and you can sell ammo types you don’t use to vendors. The different levels of this perk allows you to find more ammo in the wild, saving your caps for the important stuff. Like shipments of aluminium.

Fortune Finder (Requires 1 point in Luck)

Bottle caps are the currency of Fallout and this will help you find more of them in your journeys. Not much else to say about this perk. It’s optional, of course, if you’re going to sell surplus food and water, but if you don’t care for settlement building, this will come in handy.

Bloody Mess (Requires 3 points in Luck)

At rank three, this perk gives you a flat 20 per cent increase in all combat damage. There’s no reason NOT to pick this perk!

Armourer (Requires 3 points in Strength)

I was joking when I said you don’t need armour in this game. Damage, energy and radiation resistance is important in keeping you alive in fights. Leveling this perk up allows you to build better armour upgrades at crafting stations. This includes power armour sets, though you’ll also need some levels of the perk Science! for maximum effect.

Medic (Requires 3 points in Intelligence)

This increases the percentage of health your Stim Packs and Radaways heal per application. A good all-round perk to get, no matter what. Useful perk, this.

I know there are other perks like lockpicking and hacking that are useful, but some of your companions, like Nick Valentine and Cait can do those actions for you anyway. If you don’t want to spend previous points on those skills, you don’t have to.


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