So much junk to collect, so little time

So, the Fallout series. I tried playing Fallout 3 earlier this year. That was a mistake. Not because the game is terrible, mind you, it’s just that it looks terrible. Bethesda isn’t exactly known for its graphical prowess. I mean, look at Skyrim. It was released in 2012, and it looked like Dragon Age: Origins, which was released in 2009. Even Origins didn’t look so good for its time. So what of Fallout 4?

Well, let’s get the bad news out of the way first. Character textures and models still look crap. Yes, I know the landscape you’re travelling through is an irradiated wasteland and that everything is either brown, brown or brown. But brown can look very nice. Just like chocolate, or Beyonce, or Will Smith. Why is Bethesda still using the same old, cheap textures and character models? Or am I just spoilt by the glorious graphics of The Witcher 3? The rest of the game, the buildings and vehicles all look fantastic by comparison.

Also, the interface for PC is atrocious. Seriously, who thought it would be a good idea to map “melee attack” and “throw grenade” on to the same button? Sure, there are limited buttons on consoles, because they’re stupid, but the keyboard (and the mouse for that matter) have a ton of buttons.

And then there’s the decision to dick players around with the crafting interface. The Tab button is “store item you’ve built” in one workshop. But then it’s also go back one level of menu. But you can’t press Escape because you’ll hit the game options menu, except for that one workshop at that one instance, when the Escape actually means to leave that menu. Urgh.

Also silly, are the buildable fences in this game. Most people would imagine that fences would mean using them as walls around your settlements. But…you can’t without mods or cheats, because they don’t snap to each other. But walls can. If you can make one type of structure snap, why not both? Why not Zoidberg indeed?

But, look those are just minor gripes in the grand scheme of things. Pet hates that will either be fixed by patches or mods. And what a rest of the game there is. You may well get lost in the world of Fallout 4 because it’s simply enormous. I’ve given up on the main storyline until I’m satisfied that I’ve had enough fun elsewhere. There are just so many dungeons and hidden quests that the urge to find your long lost baby son Shaun is…well relegated to the lowest level of importance.

There are also lots of characters who have excellent personalities. Though, because I haven’t progressed very far, many are still outside my knowledge. But Codsworth the robot is awesome and so is Valentine the synthetic

I think the best aspect of the game is actually the crafting system. You first find the basic version of whatever it is you want to modify – be it weapons or armour – and then once you have the skills, you can go to town with the materials. They also look pretty cool fully upgraded. Even the power armour can be modified, with paint jobs and all sorts of things. Oh yeah, you’ll spend ages in workshops building things. I think half the time I’ve spent in this game has been on enhancing the settlements and my equipment. What storyline?

Fallout 4 is another successful life destroyer by Bethesda. From the building of your dream post apocalyptic house to your dream post apocalyptic gun, this game has it all. Except great graphics. That aspect of the game is disappointing, but if you care enough about gameplay and all the other things, then you shan’t be disappointed.


Top notch game, except for some annoying interface issues and graphics that belong to the previous decade.

Play this if you…

Love exploring open worlds, dungeon crawling, crafting, building and killing zombies ghouls. Especially if you want to safely ignore this thing called a “storyline” and just muck around.

Skip this if you…

Are stocking up on supplies and weapons in case a nuclear apocalypse does happen.


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