Really, this is just Far Cry 3.5

So I haven’t played and enjoyed a first person shooter apart from the Far Cry series in ages. For some reason, they just didn’t appeal to me, and most of the attention these days is on Countershite, which was rubbish in the nineties, and continues this trend today. Or Call of Battlefield Honour. Sad, really, because there were some great FPS titles, but like other genres, they’ve sort of whithered and bled out in the new millenium. Maybe I’ll try the new Star Wars Battlefront when I have time.

Anyway, if you’ve played Far Cry 3, you’ve essentially played Far Cry 4. I’m not kidding. Well, apart from the storyline and the terrain. Set in the fictional Himalayan country of Kyrat instead of a tropical island, you play the role of Ajay Ghale, the son of Mohan, the revolutionary who rebelled against the Kyrati king, Pagan MIn.

You’re on your way to spread your mother’s ashes at Lakshmanna, but your bus is stopped by Pagan’s men and you’re taken to his palace for a meal of crab rangoon. Now, you can stay for the meal (which results in a surprisingly short game), or you can escape and join the rebellion and…er…basically do what you did in Far Cry 3 and get rid of Pagan and his merry men.

Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with basing the game on the mechanics of Far Cry 3. That title is a brilliant game. The only real additions are fortresses, which are glorified outposts and the new mechanic of climbing up cliffs using a grapple and rope. The weapons are the same, you get the same experience points for killing enemies, you still have to kill animals for skins to fashion stuff with, and the skills are essentially the same too! Essentially, you feel as if you’re going through another go at the older game.

If there’s one area of definite improvement, it’s the cutscene quality, especially in faces and character models. The game is quite a sight to behold, the mountains encircling Kyrat, the rich, Asian inspired buildings and even the wild animals themselves, all conspire to make me wish I had one of those triple monitor setups to play it on. Alternatively, a 34 inch curved monitor would be nice too… Anyway back to reality.

The game’s storyline, what there is of it, speaks of the Golden Path’s rebellion against Pagan Min, the slightly mad, over the top ruler of Kyrat. Funny, he speaks with a British accent, and wears some awesome clothes. I think he’s got to be one of the best villains of any recent computer games I’ve come across. Except maybe Solas the elfy elf. Seriously, I love my villains outrageous and campy, and Pagan Min would fit right in in a Bond film. Seriously, Troy Baker (who plays Pagan), next Bond villain?

So, Far Cry 3.5. Is it worth getting over Far Cry 3? I suppose the question is how much you spent on Far Cry 3 in the first place. If like me, you got it during the Steam Christmas sale, then you got a bargain, and with another one of those looming, you might well be able to pick up this new one for cheap too. Either way, they are good, fun games to act as a deterrent against contact with mothers-in-law during the Christmas/New Year holidays.


Essentially the same game as Far Cry 3, only with lots of mountains.

Play this if you…

Really enjoyed Far Cry 3, and are looking for more challenging terrain.

Skip this if you…

Really enjoyed Far Cry 3 and played it a bit too much.


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