Well, we know where most of the budget went: into blowing up that one building

Daniel Craig as James Bond
Ralph Fiennes as M
Ben Wishaw as Q
Lea Seydoux as Dr. Madeleine Swann
Monica Bellucci as Lucia Sciarra
Christoph Waltz as Franz Obenhauser/Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Can I just say that I really like Daniel Craig as James Bond? He’s still suave, sophistimacated and dangerous. But the Craig era Bond movies, starting from the most recent Casino Royale has shown a deeper, darker side to his character that’s been missing since…I dunno, the very first one. So much better than Pierce Brosnan. Sadly, this seems like the last of the Daniel Craig Bond movies, so I await with bated breath to see who becomes the next 007.

But, back to Spectre the movie. Bond is following the lead of the former M, played by Judi Dench, and takes on some extracurricular activities in Mexico City, flying a helicopter and offing a couple of baddies. Oh, and also he destroys a building in the middle of a festival. The new Voldemort M says that is not cool, especially when he’s trying to impress this new guy “C”, who’s all about drones and technology. Also, he drones on a bit himself about how the MI6 field agents are old hat.

Anyway, Bond is out and about (without permission) trying to uncover the mysteries of the secret criminal organisation SPECTRE. And, well for a secret organisation, they certainly do like to meet up in the one place. Seriously guys, a supercar meetup in a grand old hall is certain to attract attention. Why don’t these guys drive normal cars like Camrys or something to their secret evil hobby meets? Of course, Bond has to show up in his brand new Aston Martin, so I guess that goes for both sides. Still, a car chase involving a Toyota Camry and a Fiat Punto would have been hilarious.

In some ways, I had hoped that Daniel Craig would go out as James Bond on a high. Spectre is slightly disappointing on that count, because it’s not as good as Skyfall or the 2006 version of Casino Royale. By trying to tie up loose ends in Bond’s complicated backstory, Spectre makes the bad guy (Blofeld) a convenience rather than an ominous threat. Of course, the most threatening bad guys are always the ones that look like they’re pedestrian, which is why they should all drive dumpy old Camrys.

I really wanted to love this movie. But it’s not lovable. Not like a puppy, or even a faithful border collie. It’s enjoyable, in the sense that the stuff happening in the movie makes sense, and the story isn’t too complicated. But it’s just not that good a movie. Maybe the end was a bit anticlimatic?

There are good scenes in it, like the biggest ever single explosion in a movie, which James Bond didn’t walk away from without looking back at it (missed a good opportunity there!), and the obligatory car chase. But I think that Spectre was really running out of storyline puff when they finally got to the end and revealed the supervillain’s motivations. I mean, really? I thought I was watching Austin Powers: Goldmember, but then that story was far more entertaning.

Perhaps, as Bond says during the movie’s climactic scene, he does have better things to do with his life, like retirement. Surely super sexy secret spies have a good pension plan. And besides, if he’s found a new love to spend the time with, that would certainly be a reward well deserved for James Bond.

I don’t quite know what the issue with the movie is. It certainly was good when I was watching it, but on reflection, something doesn’t quite sit right after thinking about it again a good night’s sleep. It’s got all the Bond-isms, martinis, beautiful women, beautiful cars, guns that shouldn’t be so accurate and explosions. But the storyline seems to detract from the action because it just seems to anticlimatic.


This is a movie that should really have been better. Like that meal that cost $100 per head.

Watch this if you…

Like Daniel Craig as James Bond. I think he’s the best of the modern Bonds, all dark, smouldery and moody.

Don’t watch this if you…

Were just stuck in gaol for being an evil supervillain.


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