Right, so now I have to wait for Dragon Age 4

I have to say, I am kind of disappointed. Not with Trespasser, which is pretty interesting and fun, but with the fact that this is the last expansion for Dragon Age: Inquisition. In a somewhat interesting change of tac, Trespasser is a deliberate epilogue to the base game.

Set two years after the conclusion of Inquisition, starting this DLC means you must have finished the main storyline, and it also blocks the playthrough’s access to Jaws of Hakkon and The Descent. The game begins when the Inquisitor has “cordially invited” to the Exalted Council, a conflab between the Chantry, Fereldan and Orlais at the Winter Palace to decide, once and for all, the fate of the Inquisition. How quickly do people forget about the good you have done.

Anyway, as with all things in Thedas, nothing is ever as simple as it seems. Barely does the Exalted Council begin does trouble find its way to the Inquisitor. A Qunari agent is found dead in the grounds of the Winter Palace, along with an active eluvian. How something like that was snuck into the place, nobody knows. Anyway, you will be playing through this epilogue not wanting it to end, as long as you enjoyed Dragon Age Inquisition. I certainly did.

A few other things. Trespasser requires the latest patch, which adds quite a few new features to the game. The most useful is the Golden Nug, which synchronises your items and schematics across all characters on your Origin Account. This means that your level one characters can access high tier schematics if you have the relevant ingredients. Useful if you want to start a Nightmare playthrough.

In addition, you will notice that the DLC adds new options for your active skills, achievements, custom difficulties and challenges. One of the new challenges is to reach Skyhold before level five! There are also new unique weapons and schematics, including actual lightsabers for your Knight Enchanter ** and they look pretty spiffy. Use the Golden Nug! Also, ensure you DO NOT SKIP THE CREDITS. HILARITY IS CONTAINED WITHIN.

** Well, OK, so they are magical lightsabers, but with the changes made to the Knight Enchanter as of the latest patch, these are useful weapons to have.


A damn good end to Inquisition. Though you wonder why the original game’s ending was so anticlimatic in the first place?

Play this if you…

Are wondering what the hell Solas is up to. Also, adds replay value for new games with difficulty levels and items.

Don’t play this if you…

Are confused by teleporting mirrors.


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