Puts quite a lot things about the game in some perspective

Written by
Andrzej Sapkowski in 1994, translated in 2009

So I probably went about this Witcher thing completely arse about. Do not get me wrong, the games are fantastic and deserve all the accolades they have received. But playing the games without reading the books is sort of like watching the Star Wars prequel trilogy and ignoring the originals. You just do not get the context required.

Blood of Elves follows on from the short stories set out in Sword of Destiny, where Geralt is convinced now that Ciri, his ward, was destined to be his to look after. Here, we deal with the consequences of her escape from the Nilfgaardian invasion and sacking of her kingdom, Cintra.

There are many people looking for her, the sorceresses and magicians of The Lodge, assassins from the various northern human kingdoms, the Nilfgaardian emperor, to name a few. It is revealed that she has tremendous magical powers, as she is born of the Elder Blood (partially elven). Even if that was not the case, that she has the claim to the throne of Cintra, devastated as it is.

Blood of Elves is a well written book and while it does not prattle on about minute details, it still conveys many things. It has a wicked sense of dark humour, suiting the dark world it is set in. There are also many snippets of wisdom, mainly from Geralt, who many people assume is an uncaring prick, but actually cares a lot, and does not want to get involved in fights and politics because he cares for the lives of the innocents who get caught in the crossfire.

I have really enjoyed reading Blood of Elves, and will continue with the rest of the series, though translations of the last two books in the Witcher saga are not due out until 2016 and 2017, respectively. A long time to wait, but well worth it, I am sure.


Short, sharp and to the point. Sapkowski does not waste time getting into the gist of the story. Bravo.

Read this if you…

Have no idea what the frak is going on in the Witcher games.

Don’t read this if you…

Only want to hack-n-slash your way through Diablo 3.


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