More whimsical teenage angst…

Written by
Kimberly Derting in 2015

Okay, so maybe teenage alien abduction novels are not aimed at people like me. Because they are stupid. This book is almost as bad as having to watch Twatlight. But at least you can finish this book quicker than the romantic-death-stares over used in that series. Oh, and did I mention this book also contains a creepy love triangle in a similar vein to Twatlight?

The Replaced picks up pretty much immediately following The Returned, Kyra and her new crew are on the run from the NSA’s Agent Truman, but also trying to find out about Tyler (who is now Kyra’s fantasy…) and her father. There is way too much girly dreams about boys in this book.

I will say, however, that the story does pick up somewhat, with the anticipated third and final instalment of the trilogy expected to drop soon. The earlier parts of The Replaced are pretty bland, and have more to do with escape and Tyler (also third wheel) fantasies than actual plot. Thankfully, the end does set up an interesting thread by which readers might want to find out more about.

The Replaced is not a book for everyone. Certainly, this trilogy is more aimed at people half my age and not for normal adults. But that is only because of the crappy bits of hot boy fantasy interspersed inside the text. Remove all this (or ignore it) and you actually have a decent science fiction action story.


A plodding story, until right at the end, when all is revealed.

Read this if you…

Are into Tyler’s body.

Don’t read this if you…

Have grown up beyond the age of sixteen.


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