Hey ho, hey ho, it’s off to the Deep Roads we go!

It has been a long time since DLC for Dragon Age Inquisition dropped. And I do not mean crappy item packs you can buy for US$5 on Origin. I mean proper, meaty DLC with a story and everything that either ties into the main game itself, or expands on lore.

Jaws of Hakkon, the first of the DLCs, was a surprise and a bit of a revelation. The new area in the Frostbacks was stunningly beautiful, the loot was good and the mini-story involved was pretty fun. Who could forget judging Stormvacker the Bear? Comedy gold.

Unfortunately, The Descent feels quite dark and serious by comparison. I mean, yes, you are literally going for a deep dive into the Deep Roads and beyond, into the depths of Thedas. Yes, there are lots of new enemies and creatures, but the DLC feels like a deep dark dungeon crawl with a bit of lore attached peripherally. That this lore expansion is relevant to players who have done certain quests and conversations at Skyhold, means there is probably limited appeal to those less invested in the minutae of Thedas.

Outside of this, the dungeon crawl itself is quite fun. The darkspawn are back, but not necessarily a great challenge in and of themselves. The tough bosses are, of course, obligatory, since most players will start this DLC with a high level, possibly post game character. The newer enemies are tough, and numerous, making use of party tactics and mix even more important.

All up, The Descent is probably a good DLC, but disappointing in that there is no real link back into the main story arc of Inquisition. We are still waiting for proper post game stuff. Come on Bioware, I know that you must be working on Solas stuff. Please do not keep us waiting for too long!


A workmanlike DLC that pleases the combat specialists, but disappoints those clamouring for moar story.

Play this if you…

Want a bit of a challenge beyond Jaws of Hakkon and you like hunting darkspawn.

Don’t play this if you…

Are still wondering where the frack Solas went off to.


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