No, not Google Chrome (which I seem to have a love/hate relationship with), but the shiny metallic stuff manufacturers and some owners put on their cars for that bling factor. That chrome, which in certain amounts is fine, and any more is fugly. Yeah, fugly is an apt description.

I think some of the blame has to go to the Americans. Yes, the people who are clever enough to put man on Luna, start the internet, build the space shuttle, are simultaneously disposed to being absolute morons. Americans love their cars, and that is awesome. But they also love shiny cars, which is not. Why do they insist on installing massive chromed grilles on things? Yes, I am looking at you, Ford. No, that is way too much on your new F150.

Yet, the Americans are more than capable of designing and building beautiful cars. Just look at that new Mustang. Gorgeous. Better looking than Miranda Kerr I say. Yes, it is a muscle car and it probably would wobble drunkenly a bit in a bend, but I could not care less. See, less chrome is a good thing.

Even worse than rabid chrome addiction in the car design studios of some manufacturers, are the owners themselves. They do a disservice to cars everywhere. Seriously, I would not mind if adorning your car meant some fluffy dice and a set of pointless stick figure stickers of your dysfunctional family, but why do some people go that extra step? Chromed wheel arches (yuck). Chromed…tail lights?! Who in their right minds think that is a great step in aesthetics? It would be like naming a Soviet era apartment block Architectural Design of the Century.

Please, please stop putting too much chrome on things. It is a grotesque violation of people’s eyesight.


2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about chrome

  1. 1) chromed tail lights came from Japan (they’re still called Altezza lights in some parts, after the Toyota Altezza/Lexus IS200 that they debuted on)

    2) I’m a Mustang fan, but even I can’t swallow you saying it’s better looking than Miranda Kerr.

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