The outcome was pretty obvious

Written by
Kimberly Derting in 2014

So this book, as I found out halfway through it is actually a young adult story about a girl named Kyra who is abducted by aliens for five years, and then unceremoniously dumped next to a rubbish dump with no memory of the intervening time. How do we know it was aliens? Well, there was a flash of white light…

I mean, when you get abducted by aliens, there is always a flash of white light. And The Taking is no different to many of the clichéd abduction scenarios. Of course, Kyra has now also returned, replete with a whole bunch of superpowers which she discovers over the course of the novel.

While most of the novel deals with Kyra’s journey of discovery, she also ends up going down another path of discovery, touching, dreaming and thinking exclusively about the abs of her neighbour Tyler, who typically also has a massive crush on her. These parts are excruciating to read as someone who went through puberty some years ago. Unfortunately, there are many of these.

Aside from the far too many references to how good looking the neighbour’s kid looks, the alien abduction/superpower thing is done relatively well in the novel. It is not too immediately obvious what has occurred, because there are way too many variables, and it is not until later we find out some kinds of details.

If you are a teenager looking for a decent light read, this might pass muster. If you, like me, are a wizened old wingnut, perhaps it might be best to pass on this. Unless, of course, you enjoy reliving the memories of just how awkward being a teenager feels.


As a book aimed at teenagers, you get a teenage grunt of noncommittal as a response.

Read this if you…

Are into teenage romance with a twist.

Don’t read this if you…

Think alien abductions are solely the domain of persons living in the Deep South.


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