Everyone is just so…nice…

Written by
S. H. Jucha in 2015

Some time in the future, it will be interesting to see just how humanity develops, whether the darker, dystopian type of future imagined by the Deus Ex series, controlled by secretive corporate interests bears fruit, or the type of utopian good-naturedness of Star Trek is what our descendants will live in.

In enjoying science fiction, you rarely get idealised utopian societies any more. S. H. Jucha’s first try at science fiction writing, The Silver Ships introduces two such ideal societies, both human. Seven hundred years prior to the events described in the book, humans set forth on colony ships, escaping an increasingly uninhabitable Earth (due to human induced climate change).

Alex Racine, a boy genius from New Terra intercepts a derelict alien vessel, which is actually a ship filled with distant colonists (likely Frenchists) from a planet called Meridien. I suppose that is also why by the end of the book, you find out they have also surrendered to the eponymous Silver Ships. History repeats, I suppose. Anyway, the New Terrans and the Meridiens join forces to return to the latter’s homeworld and see just what they can do about the threat of the Silver Ships.

In the context that this book is the first from S. H. Jucha, the effort is pretty good. Yes, the plot and characters are simplistic and everyone is so nice that they are sickly sweet. But that is of course, the author’s want. It is his story to tell and there is just enough action and drama for the reader to keep going.

If you are looking for a mix of hard-ish science, some utopian fiction and some characters that are so nice they are boring, do not look any further than The Silver Ships. At least by reading this book, you might find you have just a little bit more faith in humanity.


Decent premier title from the author.

Read this if you…

Are sick of dystopian, corporate/Illuminati controlled futures in science fiction.

Don’t read this if you…

Are a member of the Illuminati.


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