Saving the world…temporarily

Written by
Aidan Harte in 2014

All the build up in Irenicon and Warring States has led to this, Spira Mirabilis, which refers to the golden ratio spiral. Of course, The Wave Trilogy, with its roots planted in religion and science coexisting in an alternate history Europe, was very big on ideas. In Spira Mirabilis, the war between good and evil comes to a head.

Sofia Scaligeri, now essentially an exiled prisoner in far away Akka, manages to escape into the desert. While initially hopeless, she begins to gather an army of believers in prophesy to destroy Torbidda (or whatever it is that inhabits his body). Meanwhile, the remnants of Rasenna’s army, its engineers and bandiettori, amass in defence of their southern allies, under siege from an enormous combined legion of Concord.

Effectively, this book is the dramatic, action packed conclusion to the series, the one where the main character saves the world. It does not disappoint if you want action, since it features an awesome naval battle and a finale on top of a mountain with dark clouds and lightning strikes. Very, very cool. Oh, there are also dancing plague zombies, which are disappointingly a bit of a red herring.

Of course, the book also features prophecy, magic and a lot of religious references, though they are mostly used to flesh out a world that is both believable and interesting. The ending, however, is heavy with religious undertones and also features a distinct lack of any real closure for many characters and their legacy. I kind of wish there was a short epilogue of some sort.

Still, Spira Mirabilis is a very enjoyable title, and a must read if you have gone through the entire series. The only detraction I can give is that the end feels a little rushed and does not quite give the reader the character closure they may be looking for.


An ending to a trilogy that gets 95 per cent of the way there.

Read this if you…

Have done The Wave Trilogy and want to find out what happens.

Don’t read this if you…

Want a really happy ending.


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