Being a witcher isn’t all about seriousness, intrigue and monster hunting

Let’s face it, being a witcher in the world cooked up by Andrzej Sapkowski is not exactly a fun life. You get harrassed, treated like shit, your customers are begrudging at best and then there’s the mortal danger of your occupation.

Never fear though, because your colleagues are lots of fun, especially when well imbibed with booze. My favourite scene out of the entire game, and probably of all time, is the part where Geralt, Eskel and Lambert prepare for a hard day’s work ahead by getting blind.

The drinking game, stumbling around the halls of Kaer Morhen in search of food/booze/Eskel and then cross dressing in Yennefer’s clothes to prank call a fugitive from The Lodge shows that at its heart, the witchers have a very human sense of humour. As does CD ProjecktRED.

Reminds me so much of the end of high school. Good times.


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