I was a monster hunter, until I took an arrow to the knee

If like me you have been spending a lot of time in Velen, Novigrad, Oxenfurt and the Skellige Isles, hunting serious monsters, mentoring your ward and falling in love with soceresses, you might think it is all a big overwhelming. Well, Victor Vran is probably the kind of low brain power distraction you need.

Victor Vran, the game’s titular character is a monster hunter, with the voice of Batman/Adam Jensen/Geralt of Rivia and the personality to match. He also has a smart alec voice in his head that taunts him and cracks various pop culture references. He journeys to Generic Made Up Eastern European City #576 Zagoravia to find his friend Aidan. Who has been turned into a vampire.

In every sense of the term, this game is a Diablo clone. Essentially, you spend your time playing whack-a-mole with monsters and bosses, collecting ever increasing amounts of improving loot. The game also boasts a jump mechanism, allowing you to scale walls like a ninja to find secret chests, and a series of challenges for every level.

The game, as with every RPG, has you earning experience to level up while monster stomping, but you do not get new skill points or statistics. Instead, you are given Destiny Points and Destiny Cards, giving you bonuses such as life leech or critical hit effects. You also get Demon Powers, which are basically attacks or defensive powers that require fully charged mana (in this case known as Overdrive points).

Because there are no real skill points or builds, Victor has the choice (so far, I have seen five and there may or may not be more added) of different types of weapons. The melee weapons are your standard swords, scythes and hammers and you get various types of guns for ranged attacks. Each weapon type also includes two special attacks on top of the standard one.

Like any dungeon crawler, the game play is simple and repetitive, which can lend itself to boredom after a while. This is in addition to the game resetting all the monsters when you leave an area. This is to let you complete challenges and that sort of thing, if you are a completionist, but some may not care.

I like Victor Vran, I really do. It is a refreshing take on the dungeon crawler genre with a sense of humour along the lines of Torchlight 2. The fact that it is still in the Steam Early Access catalogues means that the game still has some distance to go, and with the potential I see, it can get even better.


Another Diablo clone that is better than Diablo 3.

Play this if you…

Enjoy busy dungeon crawler action RPGs.

Don’t play this if you…

Took an arrow to the knee. Seriously, go see a doctor.


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