Geralt is such an awesome character!

Written by
Andrzej Sapkowski in 1990, translated in 2007

So you know how I absolutely adore the PC Masterrace game Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, not just because it is one of the prettiest in terms of graphics, but mainly because the characters and stories within stories are awesome.

The Sword of Destiny, as I understand it, is the first in chronological order of the books written by Andrjez Sapkowski, before A Game of Thrones was a gleam in GRRM’s eye. But they’re set in worlds that are remarkably similar. There is magic, monsters (human and otherwise), racism, politics and intrigue.

However, how the books deal with these aspects of medieval life are very different. GRRM chooses to write from the perspective of the nobility’s game of power. Sapkowski deals with it by having the main character be the wandering mutant looking for work, sometimes involved in saving royalty and nobles from nasty fates, relying on his training, morality and wit.

Though this is a collection of short stories, it begins with a job that made Geralt famous, when he lifted a curse from King Foltest’s daughter and nearly died in the process. The other stories are episodes and adventures in Geralt’s past, told during his recovery, the most important being his first meeting with the love of his life, Yennefer of Vengerberg.

If anything, The Sword of Destiny is a very enjoyable collection of short stories, dealing with the life of a witcher, sometimes swimming in money, other times wallowing in poverty. Still, it’s a life that could never be described as dull. As a gentle introduction into the world of witchers and monsters, you really can find no better book.


This is really good. If you’ve been wondering what all the fancy names in the computer games mean, this is where you begin to find out.

Read this if you…

Are interested in the lore of the Witcher games.

Don’t read this if you…

Think all Geralt does is hack-n-slash. Go play Diablo 3 if you want that.


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