Here’s me, whirlin’ away like a helicopter…

One of the best aspects of the Witcher 3 is the surprisingly deep build options for your character, which makes experimenting and seeking your preferred playstyle rewarding. Ok, so the combat interface itself is probably not the best, but it’s good enough that you’ll have a good time.

If, like me, you’re really into the sword play aspect of the game, then you’ll go down either the light or heavy attack builds in the game. The light attack build is all about hammering away at your enemy with flurries of fast attacks that still have lots of punch.

So, what do you need for a good light attack build?


Wild Hunt, like many other games, has sets of armour and complementary weapons that are suited to a particular playstyle. For a fast striking sword attack build, you want to got after the Cat School armour, which gives you bonuses to fast attack and the swords include chance for the bleeding effect to be applied on hit.

This is not to say that you must keep the silver and steel feline swords, but the gear is upgradable, from the basic version through three more tiers, with increasing level requirements for each tier. Also, this armour looks rocking, and makes Geralt look like an assassin.

The other advantage to this build is faster stamina regeneration, which will allow you to use signs a lot more often. Just be careful, as this armour is not fantastic at protection against physical attacks (it is light armour after all).

Skill Points

Most of your skill points will no doubt go into the light attack portion of the skill tree. Each level of the sword tree requires increasing numbers of skill points to unlock, so you might have to put some points into skills you don’t really want to have.

Essential for any build is Arrow Deflection, really useful against human mobs with bows. Obviously, you’ll want to have all of the skills in the Fast Attack tree as well, which gives you increased damage, critical chance and damage, Whirl, which is the alternate light attack mode (this is awesome, by the way), and extra bleed damage.

To get all the way down the Fast Attack Tree, you’ll need to invest 33 skill points, which of course leaves precious little for anything else.

You’ll also have to equip your skills, and combine them with Mutagens to be even more devastating. However, the Red Mutagens which synergise with the combat skills tend to be few and far between, so you will need to farm for them.

Because you’re never going to be declared a tank, you might also wish to invest some points in Axii and Quen, defensive signs that are really useful in combat. Alternatively, you could put the remaining points into the Alchemy tree, either in Blade Oils for damage bonuses against foes, or increases to your tolerance to potions so you can stack heals and decoctions.

Speaking of Decoctions, get the Ekimmara decoction, and drink this before a big battle, because you can leech life, which is really good when you get Whirl.


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