The television show we all deserve

Ben McKenzie as Det. James Gordon
Donal Logue as Det. Harvey Bullock
David Mazouz as Pre-gravelly voiced Bruce Wayne
Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth
Robin Lord-Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot
Jada Pinkett-Smith as Fish Mooney
Morena Baccarin as Dr. Leslie Thompson

Wow, what a ride. A high budget television drama with comedy gold, courtesy of the criminal underworld (ironically). This was a triumphant television season for fans of Batman, and Gotham‘s masterful blend of crime, over the top crime drama and plenty of not taking itself too seriously delivered this season.

For a show that started life as a prequel to Batman, trying to tell the story of the eventual Commissioner Gordon and Bruce Wayne, the show is all about the criminals of Gotham. Gordon starts his crusade to clean up Gotham’s corrupt police force, and knocks heads with the current Commissioner. But that’s not where the spectacle lies in this show.

For spectacle, we have to go to the brewing gang war which ends with Penguin at the top. Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Fish Mooney is at once hilarious, over the top and dangerous. A schemer who commands loyalty from her underlings, she carries a lot of this season forward, in trying to undermine Don Falcone. It’s a pity she’s swimming with the fishes now.

The other great character is Oswald Cobblepot, his scheming gets him to the top of Gotham’s underworld, his ultimate goal in life. His character is dark, moody and still hilariously over the top. I’d pay just to watch a movie with him in it.

I’ve personally never really liked Batman or any of the other major DC Comics characters, but Gotham has really grown on me. It’s not that it’s my favourite show of all time, but when an episode gets into a good rythym, you’d be hard pressed to find a better way to spend forty minutes* of your time.

This is one series that deserves to get many seasons, and I’m really looking forward to season two of Gotham when it starts up again!


* Results may vary of course. I can think of a few things that would be better than watching Gotham for forty minutes.


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