Who thought this dude with his cheap BS was a good idea?!

Anyone who has played computer games has faced epic boss battles. Some of my favourites were in Starfox 64 and Dragon Age Origins. There are some bad boss battles, like the vanilla Deus Ex Human Revolution bosses, but thankfully they were few and far between.

Then, we have the mid-game boss Imlerith of the Wild Hunt. This guy is atrocious to fight. It all starts off reasonably easy, you the nimble witcher and he the giant hulking elf in plate armour. With a shield and a giant mace.

And yeah, he’s really slow for the first two thirds of his health bar. Then he chucks his shield and starts to…teleport around repeatedly smashing you. Arrrgh. So, apart from lightning quick reflexes, what do you need to stop him?

The strange thing with the Wild Hunt, and this might be easily explained by a reading one of the books, is that instead of using your steel sword against the Wild Hunt minions, you have to use your silver sword. This presents a problem, because Hanged Man’s Venom, which gives you damage bonuses against humans and “non-humans”, ie elves and dwarves can’t be used on your silver sword.

However, what you’re likely to need most of all, is tanking and health regeneration abilities for this fight, rather than pure attack. This depends on your build, so you at least have some choices.

If you have a sword build, this is obviously going to be a matter of dodging and swinging when the opportunity arises. The first stage of this fight, Imlerith is actually pretty easy. He does the usual swing and miss thing, and you can get a few good hits in when he’s resetting himself.

When he starts teleporting, you have to dodge and dodge, and dodge some more until he stops to catch his breath. Be careful not to end a dodge too far away, otherwise you’ll miss the opportunity.

One other method of tanking is to use the Quen sign, which casts a shield around you. The alternate version even heals you when you have it up. A handy skill to have. Even better would be to have the skill from the yellow tree that lets you cast signs with your adrenaline points, when you’re absolutely out of stamina.

If you’ve gone down the Alchemy tree, then the Swallow potions and White Raffard’s Decoction are your main friends. You would also hopefully have the skill that instantly heals you for up to 25 per cent of your health when you drink any potion. That and the increased toxicity limits from going down the alchemy path will really help you to tank and regenerate health.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you not die a heap of times against Imlerith like I did originally. Wish I could watch the end cutscene to this fight over and over again.


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