I really don’t like cliffhanger endings…

Written by
Blake Crouch in 2014

The last act, the final throw of the dice. That’s what The Last Town represents, of David Pilcher, self styled, likely insane, “town god”. That’s because the entire town now knows what he’s done. Understands the need for justice and revenge.

At the conclusion of Wayward, Ethan has revealed the shocking truth of the fates of the residents. The retaliation is swift, brutal and totally illogical. Pilcher opens the gates to oblivion. Abbies swarm the town and kills most of the civilians. Wonderful.

It’s now up to Ethan to save his family, and as many of the people as possible. Not just the civilians trapped in the fake life of Wayward Pines, but also the people who keep the town running in the background. For there is another crisis that will also eventually kill the last humans on Earth.

The ending, as far as I can tell, is short, sharp and masterful in its execution. The trilogy begins and ends in exactly the same way for Ethan Burke. It also leaves room for interpretation, the best kind of open ending, because the events in the lead up gives the reader hope, yet are still mired in the reality of the situation.

The Last Town is quite an action packed story, jammed full of happenings, a man mad on his god complex and people struggling to survive. It also brings a sense of hope for the characters, cliffhanger ending or not.


A satisfying conclusion to a great trilogy, despite its cliffhander end.

Read this if you…

Need to know what happens when fast zombies are let loose on unsuspecting civilians and haven’t watched World War Z.

Don’t read this if you…

Haven’t read the first two books.


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