The secret’s out

Written by
Blake Crouch in 2013

As the followup to the excellent Pines, Blake Crough follows up with this, which is the middle step in the trilogy. After the revelations in the first, we have a story that builds up the story to its (probably quite) explosive end.

So basically, David Pilcher is an arsehole. You find out (and yeah, spoilers) that humanity is extinct and the now dominant species are our descendants. Aggressive, fast and carnivorous, they are large, intelligent and violent. Amidst all of that, he’s built a safe haven for the remnants of humanity to survive and hopefully rebuild over time.

Ethan Burke has now been appointed as Wayward Pines’ new sheriff, after the untimely end of Pope. Good riddance. He was a jerk as well. On his way back from visiting a newly released resident, Ethan runs over the body of a young woman, stabbed repeatedly.

The murder victim is Alyssa, David Pilcher’s daughter. Ethan vows to find the ones who were responsible for the murder and the investigation leads him to the most unlikely of places. The end of the book is pretty much as you might have guessed. What a cliffhangar for book three eh?

Wayward is well written, and Crouch is able to build the urgency and import of events, even while building up the world he’s writing about, without dawdling and letting the pace slack off in the middle of the book. It’s this economy with words that actually makes it a thrilling read.


Great followup. Obviously a story planned with trilogy in mind.

Read this if you…

Enjoyed Pines, because that was pretty awesome.

Don’t read this if you…

Haven’t read the first one yet. You really need to pick it up from the top.


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