Up to the fifth book and still unputdownable

Written by
James S. A. Corey in 2015

Is unputdownable a word? It damn well should be. How this series remains fresh and awesome five books in, I have no idea. Is it because the characters are likeable in general? Or is it because the writing comes fresh, easy to read and full of action that is used well throughout each book? Maybe it’s a combination of all those things.

Nemesis Games picks up some time after Cibola Burn, where the four strong crew of the Rocinante survived the catastrophic explosion of a planet’s fusion reactors. And the subsequent tsunami, earthquake and awakening alien technology.

Naomi, Alex, James and Amos have been through a lot together over the books (and years), and while their ship is being repaired and retrofitted, they all go their separate ways to deal with ghosts of their past.

For James, it’s just how much his crew now means to him, and finds it hard to deal with life without them. For Naomi, it’s family, immediate and extended, her dark past and association with militants. Amos goes back to Earth to visit his old digs, the drug dealing gangs of future Baltimore and Alex goes back to see his ex-wife, to try and leave things in a better place (yeah this doesn’t go well).

Very quickly though, they’re drawn into familiar circles, all of them mean trouble. What begins as an innocuous exploration of their past selves quickly degenerates as the investigation of the mystery of disappearing colony ships winds them all in the biggest crisis for life in the solar system since the dinosaurs got wiped out 65 million years ago. Oh, and someone steals the last remnants of the protomolecule, which started all this in Leviathan Wakes. Not. Good.

This is a great book, and the sort of lead up to what should be a grand finale next year in the sixth book. The characters get some real development here, especially Naomi, who walked a dark path in a previous life, a prisoner to someone’s will and ego, finally able to escaoe it all. Even Holden has grown, from the fully frank and transparent space cowboy with the world’s biggest conscience to someone who has subtlety and grace under fire. Alex and Amos’ stories are still well written but (comparatively) boring.

If you were wondering just how this series was going keep going, well this is how. The stakes have been raised and only time will tell whether our interstellar heroes can once again save the day. Nemesis Games comes highly recommended.


Five awesome stars for the fifth awesome instalment.

Read this if you…

Enjoy good space opera romps. Oh, and you’ve read the books preceding this.

Don’t read this if you…

Don’t…like…Just read it man!


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