Geralt the medieval Ghostbuster

Along your travels in White Orchard, Velen and also the Skellige Isles are lots of contracts for you to perform. These contracts usually net a decent amount of experience and is generally most of your income.

You’ll encounter your first contract in White Orchard, the smaller prologue area, and it’s a reasonably tough one if you’re not into reading the bestiary and taking notes. Be warned, going into a monster contract without preparation in this game will get you killed, even if you’re a high level badass.

So there are quite a few wraith contracts you’ll get, and so far I’ve already encountered three. They’re only different in terms of their background, but their completion (i.e. kill the ghost) is actually reasonably routine.


What you will probably want to do, especially if you’re a lower level, is to go to the local tavern and buy lots of food. Food (surprisingly) is the best way to heal in this game. You’ll also want to prepare some potions and oil for your upcoming fight.

You will need to make up some Swallow potion (if you don’t have it already), and assign it to one of your quick access slots. Once you do, you don’t need to remake them, as they get refilled with Alcohest or any other strong alcohol.

Swallow helps you to heal faster in battle, and lasts about twenty seconds, while food can last between four to twenty seconds. You can have both active at the same time, which is really useful if you’re getting beaten badly.

The other thing you’ll need is Spectre Oil, which will give you a damage bonus against wraiths and ghosts. The good thing about oils is that the bottles have an unlimited usage, but the oil will only last for a certain amount of swipes with your swords.

Apply Spectre Oil liberally to your silver sword once you’ve made the bottle up. One thing to remember is that you can reapply the oil even in the middle of a pitched battle. Seems a bit unrealistic, but whatever. Exploit what mechanics you can!

The fight

The fight itself should proceed as follows. The special wraiths that you encounter in these contracts are non-corporeal in nature, except when within a Yrden sign. Essentially, you’ll only be able to hit them for ten per cent of your normal damage when they’re in their ghost form.

You’ll need to cast Yrden on the ground, which will become a reasonably sized circle. When the wraith enters this area, it becomes vulnerable to attacks. Just be careful, because when you do attack it, you’ll push it back, out of the circle. You’ll likely get two or three good hits in before it exits. You’ll have to rinse and repeat, remembering that Yrden doesn’t last for a very long time.

One other thing is that at various points in the fight, the main wraith will disappear and send out three mini-wraiths that are level one. They can basically be one shotted, even at low levels. However, you have to do this quickly, because they will steal health off you to heal the main wraith. Get rid of these ASAP.


There you have it folks, the various wraith contracts floating around in the world are actually pretty easy once you get the hang of them. Many happy Witchering adventures to you.


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