Great work, killing off a character that you’ve introduced, who’s far more interesting than the main cast…

Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes
Lucy Liu as Joan Watson
Ophelia Lovibond as Kitty Winter
Aidan Quinn as Capt. Tobias Gregson
Jon Michael Hill as Det. Marcus Bell

I wonder whether or not the television season for American shows should stop being so damn long. Elementary has had 24 episode seasons so far, making 72 episodes. The problem is, I just don’t think that this is the type of show that has 24 episode seasons in it.

The season begins with Sherlock returning from London after a six month stint in MI6. On his return, he has a new protege in tow, one Kitty Winter, who is by far the most intereting character introduced in Elementary to date. She’s edgy and kicks arse, in a way that Watson can’t.

Which makes it all the more disappointing to see her character written out of the show just short of the middle of the season. Why? I don’t quite know. The thing is, that murder solving cop shows like Elementary has the same basic plot every week. You get a perp and a victim, you go and find out what happened between these two people. You keep interest by having both an interesting case (which, we’ll get to as well) and interesting characters.

Trouble is, Watson is a goody-two-shoes with next to no charisma, Holmes is a near perfect person, whose only flaw is that he is a recovering drug addict. Gregson and Bell are basically both overworked police officers with no social life…and that’s it. At least Kitty had motivation, a past and some interesting character development. The rest of the main cast? Nothing.

One other problem with Elementary, which seems to be getting more prevalent is the quality of the cases. Some of them are gimmicky and ridiculous. Like that time Sherlock managed to link murder, kidnap and bee hive colony collapse syndrome. What. The. Hell. And don’t get me started on the season finale. It’s about as enticing as being served boiled lettuce.

I’m not sure if Elementary has been renewed for a fourth season, but I hope they figure out what the hell the show is about before then. Either you make it like BBC’s Sherlock, which is mostly about the cases and dark humour, or you make it about the characters, in which case you actually have to have some interesting characters to begin with. Here’s hoping eh?


2 thoughts on “Elementary – Season Three Restrospective

  1. Yes, Elementary will be back for a fourth season. Filming begins soon-ish, and John Noble will be joining the cast as Sherlock’s father.

    I hope we see more of Kitty.

    • I hope we get more Kitty too.

      I don’t really know why they have such lackluster writing when it gets to the pointy end of a season. Hopefully it gets better!

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