Does anyone ever stop to ask why so many of Liam Neeson’s onscreen kids get into deep doo-doo?

Liam Neeson as Jimmy Conlon
Joel Kinnamon as Michael Conlon
Ed Harris as Shawn Maguire
and Vincent D’Onofrio as Det. Harding

Liam Neeson returns in his latest action movie, called Run All Night, but you might as well have been watching Taken or Non Stop. It’s no bad thing, given that it seems people are likely to plop their bums in seats to watch Liam Neeson take down numerous baddies. Yeah, it gets a bit formulaic, Liam Neeson is the hero with issues, which doesn’t quite make him more than 1.5 dimensional.

In this version of his latest antihero action movie, Neeson plays Jimmy Conlon, an Irish mob enforcer turned angry alcoholic, and hated by his son Michael for his bad parenting. You already know the set up right? Bad things happen, Jimmy saves those most important to him and redeems himself in his son’s eyes.

Well, that bad thing is a drug deal gone wrong, when Michael witnesses the mob boss’s son Danny taking out some Albanian drug dealers. Of course, Shawn, the mob boss is willing to let it slide as long as nobody squeaks a word to the police. This changes when Michael is nearly killed by Danny, and basically, that’s when the bullets really start flying.

I won’t say Run All Night is a bad movie, but it isn’t that good either. Because it follows the basic Liam Neeson archetype of troubled parental relationship leading to redemption, you kind of know what’s coming. At least with Non Stop, there was a bit of a mystery as to who was causing all the fuss on the plane.

For an action flick, Run All Night has some decent scenes, but it’s not the most thrilling of rides that stars Liam Neeson. The characters themselves aren’t all that likeable, there aren’t any funny bits and Neeson doesn’t have any cracking lines like threatening to use his “skills” on gangsters down the phone. It’s a dark and grim sort of movie, so don’t expect the sort of lightness that some of Neeson’s previous movies have.


Neither here nor there, a pedestrian action movie (if such a thing exists).

Watch this if you…

Like Liam Neeson movies, but it’s not really the best.

Don’t watch this if you…

Need a movie to watch on a rainy day. Try The Station Agent.


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