I’m not sure these characters are the same ones that were introduced in the first book…

Written by
Jasper T. Scott in 2013

So who enjoyed the first Dark Space book? I can definitely say I did. It was a fun, light and action packed popcorn type space adventure. Obviously, there had to a sequel, and The Invisible War is that sequel. Immediately following from the adventures of Ethan in the first book, The Invisible War has our gallant smuggler/captain do things that are completely out of character for him.

After their skin of the teeth escape from the criminal overlord Alex Brondi, Ethan now takes up the mantle of Overlord Dominic, and acts like a complete douchebag about it. Ethan is a kind, pragmatic man in the first book, but this book’s Ethan is a dictator, instantly making his subordinates like him as much as they like the Sythians.

Now, a new situation is developing where they need reinforcements to recapture the supercarrier Valiant, now controlled by Alec Brondi and his band of criminal masterminds (read: morons). Their hairbrained scheme is to now fly across enemy territory in a ship that’s damaged, with no crew and little fuel. Good plan. Then, even worse, somehow the enemy Sythians are completely prescient as to their location. Really, story writing doesn’t get much lazier than that.

Normally, I like action packed space operas, as I do remember reading the masterfully executed Star Wars books, and there was no really bad command decisions made by anyone. Hell, in the first book, Ethan is depicted as a master tactician. In this one, he’s gone from hero to literally zero just by putting on a new identity.

I admit that I didn’t have high hopes for this series, and as I read on, I figured I was right. If you like action packed space books, go and read any of the Star Wars Disowned by Disney Expanded Universe novels, especially the trilogy featuring Grand Admiral Thrawn and see how it’s done.


What is read, cannot be unread. Basically Transformers-like stupidity mixed with a bad case of wanting to be like Star Wars. It fails to live up to either.

Read this if you…

Well, I don’t recommend you do, but feel free to ignore the advice.

Don’t read this if you…

Have something better to do, like watching grass grow.


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